Hair Extensions – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Hair Extensions – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and the Kardashians are all examples of how far hair extensions have come. The evolution of hair extensions if you like; these ladies and many others have given us many reasons why we should rock hair extensions. Long today, short tomorrow and voluminous the next day, hair extensions are giving women more styling options than the colors on their makeup palettes.

But who gets the Grammy award for this most cherished innovation that ladies and some men can’t do without? Do you know where your hair extensions come/came from and how it all started? If you have some idea, kudos to you for reading it up, otherwise, thank me for telling you with a comment at the end of the text.

Hair Extensions – The History

This is a hair extension class 101, so listen up!

If you guessed, EGYPT, you are right; Hair extensions have their roots from the beautiful pyramid country by the Nile. Yes, and was worn by the luxurious and timeless beauty queen, Cleopatra herself.

The Egyptians wore hair extensions for two reasons; the women wore it as a symbol of beauty and affluence to excite the men. And the men, well, they had it on to prevent their brains from been fried by the scorching hot sun of the Egyptian desert. Hair extensions weren’t originally linked to the ancient cities of Egypt, but after archeologist and researches learning about the intrigues of the pyramid dug up carcasses with hair extension attached, history was made.

And did you know that some of the hair extensions (wigs and weaves) worn by the Egyptians were made from human hair or animal hair (predominately sheep)? See, natural and synthetic hair extensions was existent in the Egyptian era. Who knew, that Remy Human hair extensions were available for Cleopatra (Lol).

These hair extensions were for the rich and royal of the Egyptian Empire, the poorly used grass as hair extensions – perhaps the future of hair extension already beginning. Who Knows!

You get the joke!

Hair Extensions – In the Western World

Hair extensions in the 18th century were white powdered wig that was styled with weaves and waves to show class, wealth and status called Perukes. There is, however, a rather funny story behind these white powdered wigs in this era; which we owe to King Louis and his hair loss problems.

History has it that he was suffering from baldness and since hair was an important part of authority and power, he devised a tactical move of having these hair extensions made to cover up his problem and more people fell in love and followed suit.

Well, isn’t that the same thing we do now. Most people that wear one form of hair extension today suffer from one form of hair loss problem. We are not saying hair extensions aren’t for beautification purposes, they do the former more. Guess we all suffer from King Louis self-esteem issue when it comes to our hair.

Hair Extension – The Victorian Era

After the death of King Louis, the Victorian era ushered in a new way of wearing hair extensions. The hairstyle is known as the Pompadour (the word pompous is running through my mind). The hair extensions were arranged on the head to create volume and height to give a fuller mass on the head.

The hairstyle also covered part of the forehead accentuating the facial features and lengthening the neck of the ladies and giving a round plump face which was a criterion for elegance in that era.

If we are going to be talking about hair extension, wigs and weaves, how did women of color get cut up in the whirlpool of hair extensions? We should have a godmother or father, isn’t it?

Hair Extensions – Women of Color

Before this time, hair extensions were sewn on a mesh, and placed on the hair like a wig but all was about to change with a beautiful and clever black woman, Christina Jerkins.

Do you know her? If you don’t, stand up on your feet and let’s applause the lady that invented the sew-in hair extension or what we call weave. Ms. Jenkins worked with a Chicago wig manufacturing company where she cooked up the idea of how hair extensions could be fitted properly on the head.

Her method involved weaving the hair extension on a net which was then attaching it to your hair using cornrows.

Wow, genius!

Although this method took forever, it looked good, and women were able to do more with their hair extensions on. This technique took her around the world as women loved the method.

Today, hairstylists still employ this method, but now the hair extensions are sewn directly unto the cornrows without the netting.

Thank you, Christina Jenkins!

Hair Extensions – The Industry’s Worth

Hair extensions are the center of our existence today, they allow you to style your hair anyhow you desire with little stress. Whether you want length, volume, color, or texture, a hair extension will provide you with that. Hair extensions also boost your confidence and self-esteem and are helping millions of men, and women to rock their beautiful selves.

Every year millions of Africans and African American men and women spend money running into the billions on their hair – this includes hair extensions, accessories and hair styling products.

The hair extension industry or the black hair extension industry is a billion-dollar industry and predicted to reach 10 billion dollars by 2023 with China and India as the highest hair extension importer around the world exporting more hair extension around the world than other countries.

So if you ever thought of investing in the hair extension industry, this is your chance to start and with people looking to get the latest hair extensions, fillers, veiled or sew-in, prices at $20 and into the thousands, this could be the business worth venturing into.

Good Luck!

Hair Extensions – The Present Day

After all this history class on hair extension, how much do you know about hair extensions today, and how to choose the best for you?

Hair extensions come from all over the world, and as the craze for false hair shoots through the roofs, fake products are infiltrating the hair extension market making it difficult for people to make the right choice.

 Types of Hair Extensions

With so many hair extensions on the market under different names, it can be quite overwhelming picking out one that suits you. Hair extensions fall under two categories – Human and Synthetic hair extension.

While they both look alike in the market, synthetic hair extensions have the look and texture of human hair because of their silicone coating, which fades away with continuous use.

Human hair, however, is hair from human origin. These hairs come from different countries around the world before being treated before making them into hair extensions we all love and wear.

Synthetic hair extension is cheaper than human hair because they lack certain qualities like the ability to dye, color and their shelf life is short usually 3 months or a bit longer for ladies that know how to keep their extensions.

Human hair extension as the name suggests have similar characteristics like our natural hair and have earned the right to be styled – colored, dyes, heat-treated, washed, dried, and treated as our natural locks.

Furthermore, they are durable, expensive, and you look smashing any day, and time.


Micro Link Hair Extension

Also known as micro loop or micro bead is a hairstyling process where the hair extension is attached to each strand of the hair through a link and clamp technique.

Micro link hair extensions take a long time and should only be handled by a professional hairstylist to avoid the hair extensions from slipping off the hair. Micro





safety comes into question.

On one hand, hair extension protects your hair, allowing it to rest, and recuperates while you play with different colors and styles.

However, the fixing methods also mean constraint on your hairline, edges causing hair breakage and in worst cases loss of large chunks of hair when removing the hair extensions.

Finally, as hair extensions continue to evolve, another hair extension style is Keratin extension.

Consumers that have tried this process love it for the easy installation, durability, and the natural look after fixing it. The hair extension comes in packs of twenty pieces with an attachment section at the top end of the hair extension. To enjoy this extension, employ the services of a professional stylist who take little strands of your hair attaches it to the tip (containing the keratin bond) and hold it in place until it stays put.

Although it is not the easiest to maintain, it is the safest and stress-free hairdo you will ever do. Keratin extensions have also shown no damage to the natural hair or scalp when properly installed.

Hair Extensions – The Future

Hair extensions are here to stay, but what do you think about hair extensions in the future. What you accept depends on your relationship with hair extensions. If you are like TV personality Tyra Banks, who believe that women will go back to rocking their natural hair regardless of how they look with confidence.

Finally, hair extension has a history, one that changed how we value hair. The choices are numerous, take your pick.